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Mostly defunct due to geographical challenges, we still get the band back together once in a while. And two of us, Trisha and Linda, who are still in Seattle, are revving up a new project called Dark-Eyed Dog that you'll hear about soon, we hope.

Back in the day, this is what us three said about ourselves:

Armed with only a guitar, a bass, and a pair of spoons, the West Marginals strive to fight the ongoing musical battle against love-gone-wrong. This trio of Seattle songsmiths mine the depths of the heartbreak experience with country-tinged tunes full of wistful stories and soaring melodies. It's the sad sweet music you hum to yourself when it's last call and you can't go home.

The West Marginals are:

Big voice and little spoons: Ms. Linda Mitchell
Big smile and medium guitar: Ms. Trisha Ready
Old Bass and big plans: Mr. Jeb Lewis

... and the talented and patient Ms. Melissa Dow, producing, recording, mixing, and generally being lovely to be around.

The band members met while employed at Richard Hugo House, a community center for the literary arts. The organization's namesake, poet Richard Hugo, was a West Seattle native and a frequenter of the industrial stretch that borders the Duwamish. He wrote a book named for the road that runs along the river called "The Real West Marginal Way." The band took its name in Hugo's honor.

The West Marginals have played at a few local Seattle venues thus far, including Sit 'n' Spin (rest in peace), the Ethnic Cultural Theater, 9 lb. Hammer, Victrola, and of course, Richard Hugo House. They have also graced the Literary Stage at Bumbershoot.




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